the first four tracks +1 +3 +6

A rough cut and mix of the material from the first half hour:

+1 / 31.07.2019

+3 / 11.8.2019

+6 / 18.8.2019

Chapinero Sunday Jam – Elektrodomestika 2019

This is Chapinero neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia. Calle 70A, next to the cerros orientales (eastern hills). More than a decade ago elektrodomestika played its first concert down the street at the Teatro R-101. Today we are playing music again on this neighborhood. Crossing paths and sounds again in Bogota city, RO + VvvA.

For this special jam we are bringing back a mixed bag of sounds, including field recordings from different Colombian birds, cars, and winds, Bogota radio sounds, a bunch of synths including both analog and digital, and also some granular synthesis applications running on tablets, and 2 computers. We are also adding the sound of vintage Colombian vinyl records that for the first time in the history of elektrodomestika jams would be played live and scratched.

Our plan is to use the live music we recorded during this Chapinero jam for a special album we are producing this year. In between Bogota and Berlin, back and forth, as part of a new cycle of elektrodomestika.