Next Hour Tracks – Jump-cut to hour 2 : 71-80

As we cut the three hour Chapinero jam I decided to jump to the second hour and start cutting from there. Below are the links to the first 4 cuts from that hour. I started counting on 70, perhaps making a wrong estimate of how many tracks per hour we would cut.

[cut 71]


[cut 72]


[cut 73]


[cut 74]


(added 17.8.2019)

[cut 75]

[cut 76]

[cut 77]


[cut 78]


[cut 79]

[cut 80]


9 thoughts on “Next Hour Tracks – Jump-cut to hour 2 : 71-80

  1. cut 71

    A tinny bass learns to walk, accompanied by a filtered sawtooth wave. The sawtooth begins to unfold its own life, meets a free piano sound. A dialogue unfolds. Wind-like, drum-like sounds are added.

    One of the most intense and independent pieces of this session. Definitely in!

  2. cut 72

    Desert scale, sliding, sand drifting sound. The background develops from a deep engine sound to windy, bowed wire ropes – and then ends up with a cheap drum computer sound that congenially combines with the desert sound.

    Also in – maybe with a little equalizing we can improve something on the last section (drum sounds)?

  3. cut 73

    large windy areas, machine low, banjoesque splinters condense to melodies and accompaniment

    Maybe set the end a little earlier (before 2:50)?

  4. cut 76

    abstract little childrens song, strongly influenced by the residents, mutates to an ecclesiogenic sound collage after a few rounds in the mixer

  5. cut 78

    very nice electrick layers … the human voices from the end (last 3 secs.) are a nice contrast. Is there some more from those? Just 15 seconds … I’d like the contrast of large elektricks – and the it ends @ human sounds …

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