Super: SuperCollider

Last night I encountered SuperCollider: an environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. Great sounds, complex possibilities of composition and as well: live sound processing. Could be very useful for our ‘cotidianity 3.0’. I couldn’t find out if it offers as well possibilities of real time image processing … somewhere i saw that it is possible to connect it with Processing to be able to do both: sound and image. A huge field opens …

2 thoughts on “Super: SuperCollider

  1. supercollider is indeed an interesting environment for composing. however it could be also quite complex. i just realized that the GUI has changed since i tried some years ago and it seems quite friendly now. i really like the music of paul lansky ( who has been working with supercollider for many years.

    there is also another audio programming language called that could be good for live coding and audio synthesis.

  2. i wonder if i can get an avatar for my profile so it is not a white square. i cant added through my dashboard. so maybe can only be done by the admin or i need some kind of authorization.

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