home studio up and (nearly) running

thanks to Pablos help (who spent the whole day with me, working in my room) i’ve been able to start the setup of my homestudio. removing mountains of “elektroschrott” (electrical scrap) mixed with dust and ashes that i’ve been collecting on my second big desk, literally for years … now the machines are in place, nearly ready to run:

there’s missing the cabling and i realized, that my mixer didn’t like the years without mixing (and the dust, of course) … but a start is made, and my motivation is still high 🙂

i had to check out my new sound toy: a lumanoise v.02 (a light controlled synth):

aside from that i did a little research concerning playing music together live and online – which could be a nice highlight as you suggested to keep the motivation high for the 1000 tracks … i found some starting points to free software that could be explored further:

ohmstudiosource nexusjamulusjammr

2 thoughts on “home studio up and (nearly) running

  1. Your home studio setup looks great! I can rember some of those machines from former elekrodemestika jams in Bogota and Berlin. I am glad they have survived elektroschrott. Some of the machines I am currently using have also survived it, although with some consequences for the knobs and sliders. Dust and time can really affect electronics and analog knobs and buttons. The lumanoise sounds and looks fantastic. A very fun toy for performing and adding powerful gestures to any composition. I think this kind of compact devices are very curious and capable of producing surprising sounds. I have been playing with a tiny Gakken Sx-150 Mark II synthesizer. Perhaps will share a video about it in my next entry. Thanks for sharing the links to the software for music collaboration. I think we can defenitely experiment with that. I also started to use the hashtag #1000tracks #1000pistas in soundcloud for the tracks i have been recently uploaded. I think hashtags could help us to organize the metadata in a platform like soundcloud.

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